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What are portals?[edit]

The origin of portals is the German Wikipedia. When the concept became popular, the English Wikipedia began to create several of their own portals. Similarly, on the Nintendo Wiki, portals serve as entry ways into other pages of a particular topic.

List of portals[edit]

Portal Information
First- and second-party franchises
Animal Crossing Animal Crossing franchise
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong franchise
EarthBound EarthBound series
F-Zero F-Zero series
Fire Emblem Fire Emblem franchise
Kirby Kirby franchise
The Legend of Zelda The Legend of Zelda franchise
Mario Mario franchise
Metroid Metroid franchise
Pokémon Pokémon franchise
Star Fox Star Fox series
Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. series
Wario Wario franchise
Yoshi Yoshi franchise
Third-party franchises
Dragon Quest Dragon Quest franchise
Final Fantasy Final Fantasy franchise
Nintendo A portal for all Nintendo products
Nintendo 3DS For content related to the Nintendo 3DS
Wii For content related to the Wii
Wii U For content related to the Wii U