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The staff noticeboard is a centralized page to alert administrators of users who need to be blocked.

If an editor is committing an offense that only requires a warning or last warning, issue it yourself. Post here only if the editor continues offending so we're aware that the account needs to be blocked. Accounts that have been created just to vandalize, as well as obvious spam or duplicate user accounts, should also be reported without being issued a warning. If you are unsure whether a user should be blocked or given a warning, please contact a staff member on their user talk page.

To make a report, leave a message under the "Reported users" header below, linking to the contributions page of the user or IP address that requires the ban, with a short description of their offense if necessary. Alternatively, use {{troll|Account name or IP address}}. A staff member will then determine if the block is necessary before removing the report.

This is not a discussion page to ask questions about the wiki or talk about violations of the rules by other users. If you have a question about editing or other aspects of the website, please visit the FAQ or contact a staff member.