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A white Nintendo DS case

Nintendo DS cases (sometimes called pouches) are protective cases specially manufactured for the Nintendo DS. They are made in a wide variety of colors, including white, pink, blue, and many more. They are generally rectangular, with a plush interior; however, some DS cases are hard. The cases are specifically made to protect a Nintendo DS from harm while carried around. Many Nintendo DS cases have Nintendo characters, emblems, or game themes printed on them.

Types of cases[edit]

The cases come in two different varieties.

Soft cases[edit]

A novelty soft DS case in the form of Mario's Cap

Soft cases are generally designed for keeping a DS safe while traveling. These cases can be inserted into a person's purse or backpack for easy carrying and protection for one's DS. They can also be used at home for basic protection.

Hard cases[edit]

Hard cases are generally sturdier than soft cases. They can be utilized the same as the soft cases; however, the hard DS cases can protect a DS from slightly harsher inflictions. With a hard DS case, a Nintendo DS can be protected from liquid spills, light smashing, drops, and other such inflictions.

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