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The Mii Maker is a preincluded application on every Nintendo console since the Wii. As the name states, the Mii Maker allows the user to create their own Miis, which can then be used as avatars and playable characters for several games. The application is known as the Mii Channel for the Wii, and starting with the Nintendo 3DS, it is renamed to Mii Maker.


When creating a Mii, players can alter various aspects of their character, including their gender, skin color, face shape, weight, hair, hair color, eye color, eyebrow color, mouth, nose, and their favorite color (which matches their shirt color). Players can also add optional accessories, such as a hat and glasses, to their Mii.


Title screen for the Wii's Mii Channel for the Wii

Players can download Miis made by other players through the Check Mii Out Channel. There are a few default Miis that are included on the channel from the start.

After the player creates a Mii, it is stored in the Mii Plaza. The Mii Channel has an option where players can save a Mii into their Wii Remote, which holds up to ten Miis. There is an option to connect the Wii Remote to another Wii and copy the Miis on to that console.

The music to Mii Plaza is reminiscent of BGM 2 from Mario Paint. The main title is available with the Touch! Generations Soundtrack.