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Arcade Archives is a line of downloadable re-releases of arcade games by Hamster Corporation, a company specializing in low-budget ports of arcade games to consoles. The line started on the PlayStation 4 in May 2014 and was introduced on Nintendo systems with the launch of the Nintendo Switch, initially focusing on SNK's Neo Geo system before expanding to other arcade titles, including Nintendo's own arcade games.

Arcade Archives releases are straightforward emulations of the target title and thus do not include new content or any changes or additions made to a game's home version. All Arcade Archives titles include remappable controls, access to the DIP settings to modify gameplay parameters, suspension saves, online leaderboards, three display settings (raw pixels, blurred or blur + scanlines) and Caravan and Hi-Score modes.

Arcade Archives releases may also include different variants (regional or otherwise) of the game when there are notable differences. An example of this is Donkey Kong, which allows players to choose between the original Japanese release, the later Japanese release, or the international version.



Named after the "Caravan Mode" featured in multiple Hudson Soft games, this challenge the player to score as many points as possible within five minutes. This mode does not allow to pause or use saves.

Hi-Score mode[edit]

Hi-Score mode has the player play the game on one credit on the default DIP settings without the ability to pause or use saves. Leaderboards are separate from regular mode.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アーケードアーカイブス
Ākēdo Ākaibusu
Arcade Archives