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Not too often you get a job doing what you love most, am I right?
— Arcade Bunny

The Arcade Bunny is the mascot of Nintendo Badge Arcade. In the game, he is an employee of the badge arcade of the same name. He is a short, anthropomorphic rabbit with pink and cream fur that fades into red at the tips of his ears. He has beady, black eyes, a pink nose, red eyebrows and a buck-tooth. He wears jeans, brown shoes and a two-tone button-down sweater over a red shirt. He also wears a coin dispenser and a name tag reading "ABCDE". The Arcade Bunny is very casual, gregarious and easily excited when it comes to talking about his interests or explaining something, although he will also apologize earnestly for animated behavior.


Nintendo Badge Arcade[edit]

Arcade Bunny's appearance in Nintendo Badge Arcade

In Nintendo Badge Arcade on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, the Arcade Bunny acts as the game's guide, providing information and news to the player. He works in the arcade the game takes place in, a position he openly loves. The Arcade bunny, an enthusiastic gamer, admits that he works at the arcade so that he can play the games as soon as they are released. He is also passionate about the badges up for play in the arcade and often alludes to his boss, telling him to upsell. The Arcade bunny is featured in a number of his own series of badge sets as well, being offered under special promotion times.

After the player first participates in Nintendo Badge Arcade, every day, starting at 2:00 a.m., the Arcade Bunny may initiate small game-related chatter to promote a new set of badges. After this chatter, he gives the player one free play, which is one attempt to get a badge or more. In the meantime, though, the Arcade Bunny makes comments on the themes of the current badge catchers.

Super Mario Maker[edit]

The Arcade Bunny appears as a Costume Mario character in Super Mario Maker. He was made available on December 18, 2015. He can be unlocked by clearing the Nintendo Badge Arcade Event Course.

The Arcade Bunny was planned to be a character sooner, having all his sound files in-place as "Pink Rabbit" before they were removed for a time.[1][2]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Arcade Bunny appears as an Assist Trophy.

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General information[edit]


The Arcade Bunny has an extroverted personality and earnest demeanor. When speaking, he uses a lot of informal speech, using contractions and filler words often. He is easily excitable, getting very animated and passionate when talking about his interests or explaining something. He can also be very humble, apologizing for his unusual or intense behavior.

Physical description[edit]

The Arcade Bunny is an anthropomorphic rabbit, with pink fur and cream markings, and a short stature. The tips of his ears and eyebrows are red; with his ears turning red in a gradient. He has a pink nose and beady, black eyes. He also has a prominent, buck-tooth.

He wears a red button-down, with white sleeves and buttons, and red cuffs. On top, he wears a dark, grey vest, with light buttons. He wears a white name-tag with the letters, "ABCDE" in place of a name. He also wears a coin dispenser on his waist, dark blue-jeans, and dark, brown loafers.


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  • "I just get so excited when I can share my love of games with folks."Nintendo Badge Arcade
  • "...Heh. Sorry. I know I can come off as kind of intense sometimes."Nintendo Badge Arcade
  • "Tell you the truth, I didn't catch ANYTHING on my first try..."Nintendo Badge Arcade
  • "If you have any trouble, just tap me."Nintendo Badge Arcade
  • "This is incredible! You' total badge-catcher champion!"Nintendo Badge Arcade


Nintendo Badge Arcade[edit]

  • North American website bio: "This is the cute little shop assistant who shares the latest news with customers. He may look little, but he's a big-time video game expert."


Name in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バイト
From arubaito (part-time job), which in turn derived from the German word arbeit (work).

Spanish Arcadio[3]
Common spanish name, sounds similar to "arcade".


  • Arcade Bunny sometimes hints having infatuations towards various Nintendo female characters, especially Ashley, Nikki, and Isabelle, whom have numerous badges depicting them in multiple categories.


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