Baseball (Wii Sports)

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A Mii batting in Baseball

Baseball is one of the the five game modes in Wii Sports. It is a simple game of baseball, and as such, the Wii Remote is held like a baseball bat. The game supports one or two players.


Each team consists of nine players. The team batting has one player standing at the home plate. Up to four players on the batting team can be on the field simultaneously, with one batting from the home base while the other three are standing at one of the three bases. While batting, the player must swing the Wii Remote like a baseball bat. If this is timed correctly, the ball is hit. The way the remote is swung in conjunction with the time swung determines where the ball lands. While batting, the player can hold down both A Button and B Button to slog the ball.

The team fielding has all nine players out on the field, one of whom is the pitcher. While pitching, the player must swing the remote in a downward motion. The player can use four different pitches: holding A Button does a screwball, holding B Button does a curve ball, holding both A Button and B Button does a splitter, and holding no button does a fastball. If the pitcher does five splitters, the batter can run to one of the bases, and the pitcher cannot get them out. The speed of the ball is determined by how fast the controller is swung. If the player presses a +Control Pad button before throwing, the ball moves in that direction.


The scoring system is slightly different from a standard game of baseball. The team batting scores runs by hitting the ball and running clockwise across four bases. If a player crosses the fourth base, the home base, the batting team scores a point. The distance in which the batter can advance across bases depends on what the ball does after being hit:

  1. Foul: The batter cannot advance and the ball must be thrown again. (counts as a "Strike" for first two "Fouls", however, "Foul" can be declared an unlimited amount of times and the ball thrown again). Called if the player hits the ball behind themselves.
  2. Single: The batter may advance one base. Scored if the ball is hit outside the pitchers area and is caught after bouncing once.
  3. Double: The batter may advance two bases. Scored if the ball bounces off the side of the field after hitting the ground once.
  4. Triple: The batter may advance three bases. Scored if the fielders take a long time to pick the ball up after it has bounced once and hit the side.
  5. Home run: The batter and any Miis at the bases can pass the home base. Scored if the ball either lands in the crowd or over the top of the stadium, the latter instead showing the message, "Out of the park".

There are a few ways in which the batter can get an "out", either if the ball is caught within the pitcher's area or a fielder or the pitcher catches the ball before it hits the ground. A specific type of "out" is a "strike", which occurs if the batter misses the ball three times or commits at least two fouls and then misses the ball. If the batting team gets three outs, the teams change sides.