Bomb Sweeper

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Bomb Sweeper, alternatively spelled Bombsweeper, is a Multi Screen Game & Watch game that was originally released on June 15, 1987. It is also an unlockable minigame in Game & Watch Gallery 4.


Bomb Sweeper as it appears in Game & Watch Gallery 4

A policeman and a character named John Solver attempt to stop a bomber named Dynamite Jack, who plants bombs underground town. Jack carries a bomb and jumps into a manhole, and the player as John must jump into the hole and travel through a maze to retrieve the bomb before time runs out. In order to go forward, John needs to push walls, but he cannot push a wall forward if another one is ahead. After the player completes a round, John returns above ground, and the player earns 100 points; the amount of time they had left gets added to their score as bonus points.

In Game A, the game starts with 10 displays. After the player completes them, the wall on the left side begins moving from left to right. Here, John needs to move to the right, pushing the walls to make a path. As he advances, the remaining distance is displayed in the digital display above. When it reaches zero, John needs to retrieve the bomb displayed in the aboveground screen to complete the level. After that, he will earn bonus points. The mazes are the same in every game. As the game progresses, more bombs will appear in each maze, but John needs to retrieve only one of them.

In Game B, John must retrieve one of the two bombs displayed in every display while he pushes the walls. After completing 15 displays, the player clears a level and earns bonus points. Each time the player plays, however, a different maze appears.

If the timer reaches zero before John retrieves a bomb, the maze will explode and he will get a miss. John will also get a miss if he becomes trapped between the left and right walls and the wall moving to the right squashes him. When he gets three misses, the player gets a Game Over.

This is one of the few Game & Watch games in which misses cannot be removed.