Bowling (Wii Sports)

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Bowling is one of the five sports in Wii Sports. It is a simple game of bowling, allowing for up to five players. In the follow-up title, Wii Sports Resort, there is also a bowling game, but it has more features.


A player bowls a ball down a lane with the intention of hitting the 10 pins at the end. Because bowling is a turn-taking game, only one Wii Remote is required for multiplayer. The game does not have any CPU players, although other Miis can be seen in the background.

Players can their Mii left and right with the +Control Pad, and before the angle they are by pressing A Button. To throw the bowling ball, the player must hold the Wii Remote vertically in front of them with one hand while holding B Button, then swing their arm back and forth as if they were about to throw a bowling ball, and lastly release B Button on the forward swing. When the bowling ball is released, it bowls down the lane. The player can add a spin to the ball by twisting the Wii Remote as they let go of B Button. If the player lets go of B Button on the backwards swing, the ball will be thrown into the crowd, who jump in shock, and the player has to retry.

When the screen turns black, pressing the directions on the +Control Pad affect the color of the ball. Player 1 is blue, Player 2 is red, Player 3 is green, Player 4 is yellow and Player 5 is purple. If the player has achieved pro status, their Mii uses sparkling bowling balls.

The scoring is very similar to an average game of bowling. One point is rewarded for each pin that gets knocked over. If a player knocks all ten pins in a single bowl, they get a strike, and their score is doubled to twenty. If all the pins are knocked down in two throws, the player gets a spare instead. This means that the player is awarded ten points plus the number of points scored from the next bowl. At the end, the scores are totaled, and the player with the most points wins. Players either earn or lose experience points depending on their score.