Boxing (Wii Sports)

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Gameplay in Wii Sports

Boxing is one of the five sports available in Wii Sports. It is a simple game of boxing in which the player can either play against a CPU opponent (single player mode) or another player (2-player mode). The sport also appears in Wii Sports Club.


Boxing is the only Wii Sports game requiring the player to have the Nunchuk connected to the Wii Remote. To throw punches at their opponent, the player must thrust their Wii Remote forward while holding it either up to hit the opponent's head or down to hit their body. The player can block shots to their Mii's face or body by holding the Wii Remote and Nunchuk in front of their own face or body respectively. The player can move their Mii side to side by moving both their Wii Remote and Nunchuk.

Every time the player's Mii or their opponent is hit, they lose health. If a Mii loses all their health, they fall down, but they can still get back up. If they do not get back up by a count of ten, their opponent wins the round. If there is no clear winner by the end of round three, the judge decides who is the winner.


The champion in boxing is Matt. If the player's Mii wins against Matt in a boxing match, they can press One Button on the loading screen to use his silver boxing gloves. In Training Mode, coaches the player's Mii.

In Wii Sports Club, a Mii named Pit is the champion instead. Like Wii Sports, if the player's Mii wins against Pit, his boxing gloves can be selected from the loading screen. Pit can be seen in a picture sitting next to Matt.


  • In Training Mode, there is a photograph of what appears to be a younger version of Matt and Andy in a boxing ring. A shelf of trophies is also shown in the background.