Circle Pad Pro

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The Circle Pad Pro is a hardware accessory for the Nintendo 3DS. It has an extra Circle Pad positioned on the right-hand side, as well as additional ZL and ZR shoulder buttons on the back. The whole combination is bundled onto a cradle that fits into the bottom of the 3DS, just as the charging cradle does. It is only available in Cosmos Black.

The Nintendo 3DS XL has also been given a Circle Pad Pro add-on, which functions identically to the normal version. Also like the normal version, the 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro is only available in Cosmos Black. The Circle Pad Pro is not available for the Nintendo 2DS.

Only a few games are compatible with the Circle Pad Pro. The functionality of this device has been incorporated into the New Nintendo 3DS as a circular nub (called the C-Stick) and integrated ZL/ZR buttons.