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Climber is a Game & Watch game that was released as a Crystal Screen game on July 4, 1986, and as a New Wide Screen game on March 8, 1988. It is featured as an unlockable minigame in Game & Watch Gallery 4. Unlike other Game & Watch games, this game does not have a Game B.


A boy known as Climber goes to the Block Mountain where the Blockmen live to train as a warrior. Along the way, he meets Lord Meiji, who gives him special boots that allow him to jump high, armor that allows him to break ceilings, and a headband that will help him find a sword to defeat Dragalo the Dragon. The player as Climber needs to reach the top of a 25-step fortress. Climber receives a point each time he climbs a step. He can also go through the right of the screen and appear on the left, and vice versa. On the way up the fortress, Climber must watch out for Blockmen (who also create floors), birds called Eyeroms, and thorny plants. If Climber is on the same floor that a Blockman is on, he can jump over it to avoid it. The player can go up a step without jumping into an Eyerom by pressing the Left or Right Direction button after jumping to the same level. Sometimes the floors move, so Climber needs to jump onto the upper floor if the lower one is moving towards an enemy or thorny plants. The player can also jump and land on the same floor by jumping to the highest level and pressing the Left or Right Direction button. At the top of the fortress, a Bonus bird called a Hentori appears, and Climber has two chances to grab it. If he succeeds, he will earn 20 points. If not, he will not get a miss and will be able to continue to the next phase. Sometimes a glittering floor will appear, and if Climber jumps onto it, he will automatically climb seven steps. After every five phases, Dragalo will appear at the top of the fortress. If Climber grabs the sword in the air and defeats him with it, Climber will earn 30 points. If Climber hits an enemy or falls off the floor, he will lose a life and drop seven stories (or to the lowest one), needing to start from there. When he loses three lives, the game is over. Lives can be recovered by scoring 300 points.