Donkey Kong Country Barrel Maze

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Donkey Kong Country Barrel Maze was a Macromedia Shockwave game that was made available on Candystand in November 2003.

Cranky Kong made a cameo on the title screen. Diddy Kong did as well, and a render of his swung down whenever a stage was completed. Donkey Kong Country Barrel Maze was the first game with the Donkey Kong Country moniker to not to be developed by Rare Ltd.. It was rated for Everyone by the ESRB.


In the game, the player has to steer a remote-controlled barrel through areas of Donkey Kong Island, collecting Bananas and other items while avoiding pits and enemies. The goal of the game is to reach Donkey_Kong at the end of each stage before time runs out, all the while building up a high score. The game has ten levels. You moved the remote-controlled barrel by a pressing combination of the arrow keys on your keyboard to move in the correct direction. The game started with five lives given to the player, and an extra life added with every 25,000 points earned.


Among the items, or "pick-ups", in the game were:

  • HOURGLASS: Adds 30 seconds to your time.
  • BANANAS: Repairs damage to your barrel.
  • GOLDEN BARREL: Awards 2000 points.
  • SILVER BARREL: Awards 1000 points.


  • BUZZARD: Flies above and tries to cause damage by dropping coconuts on your barrel. A form of Neckys from Donkey Kong Country.
  • ENEMY BARREL: Chases your barrel and causes damage every time it hits you.
  • BOULDER: Pursues your barrel in a straight line and causes damage if it hits you.
  • VENUS FLY TRAP: Grows out of the ground and causes damage by biting your barrel.

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