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Card packaging

As early as the North American launch of the e-Reader, Nintendo had unveiled plans to release a series of Game & Watch cards for the e-Reader device. However, the only card ever released was a promotional card for Manhole (bundled in with the e-Reader itself), with the full set never being produced. The card packs, officially titled Game & Watch-e (alternatively spelled Game and Watch-e) or Game & Watch-e Collection, were to feature three versions of games: classic, color, and collector. The classic versions were the original games, while the color versions were similar to the "Modern" modes in the Game & Watch Gallery series (featuring the Mario characters). The exact details of the collector versions remain unknown, though the card packaging artwork showcases it with a black-and-white Luigi.

The game ports appear to be unique from Game & Watch Gallery 4; a few advertisements show a screenshot of the color version of Fire, which has a more basic background (e.g. the grass and sky) compared to the Modern version in Game & Watch Gallery 4. Additionally, a few advertised games did not receive other Game Boy Advance ports at all; namely, Spitball Sparky and the color version of Vermin (featuring Yoshi).[1]

In an August 2003 brochure from Walmart, it was stated that the cards were planned to launch in October of that year. The short release window implies that the Game & Watch-e line was effectively completed before it was abruptly canceled.[1] Its cancelation was most likely due to the failure of the e-Reader on the North American market, though no official reasoning is known.