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Manhole is a Game & Watch game that was released as part of the Gold series on January 29, 1981, and was rereleased as part of the New Wide Screen series on August 24, 1983. It was the first game in the Gold series. The New Wide Screen version was ported as a minigame in both Game & Watch Gallery and Game & Watch Gallery 4. Manhole is one of Game & Watch Gallery's Gallery Corner games.

The game was ported to the Nintendo DSi as a DSiWare title. It was first released in Japan in 2009 and then in North America, Europe, and Australia in 2010. The DSiWare version would also be re-released for the Nintendo 3DS's Nintendo eShop.

Alarm woman '81
Gold version
Alarm woman '83
New Wide Screen version
The alarm indicators of Manhole

The alarm indicator of the Gold version is a woman that is located beside the time/score, and she swings a bell when the alarm goes off. In the New Wide Screen version, there is also a woman as the alarm indicator, located beside the miss counter, and she also swings a bell when the alarm goes off.


Classic version[edit]

The Classic version of Manhole in Game & Watch Gallery 4

The main character has to stop pedestrians from falling into holes that lead to the sewers below. To do this, he uses a manhole cover, which fills in the holes long enough for the people to pass. The player earns a point for every pedestrian who travels across a manhole cover. As the game progresses, the pedestrians will move faster. More of them appear in Game B. If a pedestrian falls into the water, the player gets a miss. If the player reaches 300 points without any misses, the points will be worth double until the player does get a miss. If the player has any misses at said score, every miss will be cleared instead. When the player gets three misses, they receive a Game Over.

Modern version[edit]

The Modern version of Manhole

Manhole was remade with an updated "Modern" version for Game & Watch Gallery. Toad, Donkey Kong Jr., and Mario are the pedestrians in this version, walking at different speeds, while Yoshi is the character the player controls. In this version, four manhole covers can stay up at once, unlike the original. The manhole covers can drop from characters stepping on them, causing the next pedestrian to fall if Yoshi does not act quickly. Yoshi can also hold a manhole cover in place to keep it from falling. He holds up the upper manhole covers with his head and the lower ones with his tongue. At 200, 500, and 700 points, a Chubby comes out of the ground and throws a heart at Yoshi, which removes a miss if he catches it. This version also features music, with the tempo changing depending on the speed of the game.


Game & Watch Gallery[edit]

  • +Control Pad: Move
  • A Button: Diagonal

Game & Watch Gallery 4[edit]

  • +Control Pad: Move
  • A Button and B Button: Diagonal

Appearances in other games[edit]

Super Smash Bros. series[edit]

In Flat Zone and Flat Zone 2 (from Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, respectively), the main character from Manhole appears, where his manhole cover can be used as a platform. Mr. Game & Watch also has a move where he flips a manhole cover in front of him, based on Manhole.

WarioWare series[edit]

In WarioWare: Smooth Moves, there is a microgame similar to Manhole called Bridge Work, which is found in Orbulon's stage.

In WarioWare Gold, a microgame based on Manhole called Game & Watch: Manhole appears as one of 5-Volt's microgames. There is also a full length minigame with the same name.


A card for the Game Boy Advance add-on, the e-Reader, contains a full version of the Manhole game. There were two versions of the card: One came bundled with the e-Reader peripheral device, and the other was distributed during E3 2002, although there are no differences between the two beyond the former being blue-colored and the latter being brown-colored. It was the only Game & Watch game to be released on an e-Reader card in America, although a series was planned at one point. The game was the Classic version.

Flavor text (English): Close the open manholes so no one falls in. If someone falls in, it is considered a "miss." "Miss" three times and the game is over. You can select GAME A(easy) or GAME B(hard) at the beginning of the game.


Super Smash Bros. Brawl sticker[edit]

Name Image Game Effect
Manhole Game & Watch [Arm, Leg] - Attack +5

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U trophy[edit]

This is the only Game & Watch trophy not to utilize the handheld itself. Instead, it features a sprite from the game. The trophy is unlocked by clearing the Great Fox Defense event.

Name Image Category Appears in Trophy Box Description
Manhole Stage G&W Manhole (01/1981) 56: Game & Watch No scrolling, only one stage, only a few sounds, and the age of 3D was nothing more than a twinkle in someone's eye. Nevertheless, this game was a blast at the time. In the Game & Watch title Manhole, you move a manhole cover back and forth so that the pedestrians can safely cross the road. What a simple yet fun game!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirit[edit]

No. Name Image Series / game Type Class Strength / effect(s) How to obtain Spirit battle
Opponent(s) Battle conditions Stage Song
694 Manhole Game & Watch Series Support (1) Advanced Bury Immunity Timmy and Tommy's; Spirit Board Mr. Game & Watch Rule: Item Tidal Wave; Item: Pitfall
  • The enemy favors down tilt attacks
  • Items will be pulled toward the enemy
  • Certain items will appear in large numbers
Flat Zone X Flat Zone 2


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Chinese 人孔[1]


  1. ^ From the iQue DSiWare release

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