Golf (Wii Sports)

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Gameplay in Wii Sports

Golf is one of the five games on Wii Sports. It consists of a simple game of golf.


In golf, players hold their Wii Remote like a golf club. There are four golf clubs — the Putter, the Driver, the Wedge, and the Iron — and each of them affect the golf ball's distance. Players can press +Control Pad up or +Control Pad down to change their golf club. The Putter is used mainly on the green, and it goes the shortest distance, while the Driver can go the farthest distance, and is usually used on the first shot of a hole.

To swing the golf club, the player must press A Button and then swing the Wii Remote. Before swinging, the player can change their direction by pressing either +Control Pad left or +Control Pad right. Players can do "practice swings", in which they swing their Wii Remote without hitting the ball. Several factors affect where the ball lands, mainly the wind speed and the strength in which the golf club is swung. If the player swings too hard, the golf ball either slices or fades, and it goes either left or right of its intended direction.


If the ball goes out of bounds or into a water hazard, the player gets a one-shot penalty. When the player hits the ball into the hole, and depending on how many turns it took, a message is displayed on-screen:

  • +3 Triple bogey
  • +2 Double bogey
  • +1 Bogey
  • +0 Par
  • -1 Birdie
  • -2 Eagle
  • -3 Albatross (Double Eagle)
  • -2 Hole in one (Ace)
  • -3 Double Birdie