Kawaii Ouchi

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The Kawaii Ouchi

The Kawaii Ouchi is the house that Birdo resides in during the events of Captain Rainbow. The interior of the house is almost entirely pink, and pink objects can be found around its exterior. There are two pink Birdo Eggs mounted on either side of the house. It is located on a remote location of the island because Birdo's "Sexy Pheromone" is too strong and therefore acts as a repellent. The interior consists of mostly pink and red furniture decorated with many heart and ribbon emblems. In this way, the Cute Home represents Birdo's personality and her likings.

Some special objects can be found in the house. Early in the game, Birdo, who is imprisoned by Officer Mappo, asks Nick to find something in her house that proves that she is female. This object, which can't be seen by the player because it is covered by a question mark, is located under the pillow on Birdo's bed. Furthermore, a little Birdo doll and a few blue dotted eggs are found in the lower drawer of the cabinet.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かわいいお家
Kawaii Ouchi
Cute Home/House