Mr. Levison

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Mr. Levison (left) and Herman (right)

Mr. Levison is a bald, middle-aged man and the boss of Herman Smirch in Valiant's Game Boy comics.

Mr. Levison debuts in the first issue, "In the Palm of Your Hand...," where he is shown to own Lev's Lectronics, an electronics store in the Wonder World Mall. After noticing that Herman Smirch seems upset upon arriving at Lev's Lectronics, Levison asks him what's wrong. Herman goes on to tell Mr. Levison that he was "nearly mugged" (in reality, Herman had gotten into an argument with a beggar) and goes on to tell Mr. Levison that "there is no justice in the world". After hearing Herman's story, Mr. Levison realizes that it is made up and decides to go to the bank, leaving Herman (who has stolen from Lev's Lectronics) in charge while he is away.

Mr. Levison appears to be the opposite of his employee, Herman Smirch, in every way; while Herman is generally uncaring and hateful, Mr. Levison is generous and kind.