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Picked a username years ago that doesn't fit your online persona today?
Trying to align your usernames across the internet?
Asked to change your username by a Miraheze steward?
While a name change shouldn't be undertaken lightly, the process is fairly straightforward.

Key Considerations before Requesting[edit]

While Miraheze stewards will generally approve most requests if adequate reasoning is provided and the user is in good standing, frequent requests (less than a year between requests) will generally not be approved without a good reason.

Some additional points to consider:

  • Is the username I want already taken?
  • Will my requested username violate Username Policy?
  • Have I already changed my username recently?
  • Is this something I could solve by customizing my signature?
  • Is the username I want one that I'll be happy with for a year or more?

It is also important to note: change requests are publicly logged, if you are creating a new account for anonymity/privacy, it is better to create a separate and independent new account, and having your current account renamed to something random and abandon it.

This process of creating a new account should not be used for ban evasion, otherwise the user may find all accounts under their ownership globally locked.

Request Process[edit]

Requests to change a username globally on Miraheze should be filed via the rename request form, be sure to provide a clear reason for the request to avoid it getting declined.

A Miraheze steward or other functionary with global rename privileges will review your request at their next opportunity and, if approved...

  • your user and user talk pages will be moved to the new name on every wiki you have contributed to.
  • The old user/talk pages will be redirected to your new name
  • your username for login will now be the new username
  • All new edits will be attributed to your new username

Please let a Miraheze steward know via Steward Requests on Miraheze Meta if you experience any issues following a name change.