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The cover and a page of the Nintendo Comic pitch

Nintendo Comic is an unreleased comic series by Fleetway Publications, known for creating the Sonic The Comic series of comic books.


Some time in the mid-1990s, Nintendo, seeing the success of Sonic the Comic, approached the company with an offer to make a similar title based on Nintendo characters. To this end, artist Richard Elson and writer Nigel Kitching produced a mock-up, featuring a cover and a short story of Mario characters. Their pitch shows Mario and Luigi arriving in the Mushroom Kingdom, fighting Koopalings and Boos, coming to face with a monstrous Donkey Kong Jr., and finally escaping in a Warp Pipe.

After taking several years to make a decision, Nintendo ultimately passed up on the idea.[1] Reflecting on the comic, an unnamed source explained that Nintendo was more "regulated" and "hands-on" than Sega and awaiting approval for a regular publication, such as a comic, would have been a "nightmare."[1]

While Nintendo Comic ended up being rejected, Fleetway ended up producing a different comic for Nintendo, the Donkey Kong Jungle Action Special.


Characters and species[edit]


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