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Redneck Kong was a hillbilly Kong who would have been a playable character in the 2001 version of Diddy Kong Pilot. He was present in some of the earlier builds, such as the E3 2001 one, but prior to the game's cancellation, Redneck Kong was in the process of being replaced by Candy Kong. For the leaked September 2001 build, nearly all traces of Redneck Kong have been removed except for his highlighted sprite on the character select menu. If Redneck Kong is selected as a playable character, a corrupted, flickering, black, square-shaped sprite is shown on the following race selection screen, next to the highlighted course. Upon entering a course, Diddy Kong automatically becomes the playable racer instead of Redneck Kong.

Redneck Kong wears blue overalls and a hat. His overalls has a green rope tied around it, and it has a yellow patch and a smaller light green patch. Redneck Kong has dark purple eyelids, light blue pupils, and two buckteeth on his upper jaw.

In the September 3, 2001 issue of the Rare Scribes, a few days before the build date of the resurfaced Diddy Kong Pilot ROM, a person from DK Vine asked who the Kong is, to which he received a response, "Don't worry about it - he's been killed off now anyway."[1] In July 2010, an anonymous Rare Ltd. employee revealed that his name is Redneck Kong.[2]


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