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A reissue (often informally referred to as a remake) is a term that refers to any newer version of a previously released video game. There are five distinct types of reissues: remakes, ports, enhanced ports, re-releases, and retools.


  • Remake: A re-released game built from scratch usually long after the original game, on a new system, with updated graphics to fit with the new engine capacities, and additions brought to plot and gameplay (all these conditions may not be met in every case).
  • Port: A game released on a different platform than the original game, with some minor changes such as new controls or new graphics to fit the new system. Usually, they are very close to the original game and share the same name. Compilations are considered as ports because they consist of at least two ported titles. A game released on the Nintendo Entertainment System after its original release on Famicom is not a port because the two consoles are considered identical. The Virtual Console service consists of games ported from older consoles.
  • Enhanced port: A game released on a later platform than the original game, bringing more changes than a standard port, but is not built from scratch.
  • Re-release: A game released on the same platform as the original game, with only superficial or inconsequential changes. It may have a different name than the original game.
  • Retool: A retool, also called a sprite-swapped game, is a game made after applying a graphical overhaul on a previously released game, with or without minor gameplay differences as well. It is generally released on the same platform as the original game.

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