Pū Tairiku

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Pū Tairiku

The bridge to the inner temple collapsing
First appearance Super Mario Kodansha manga (Super Mario Kart Volume 3) (1993)
Located Subtropical Jungle Course
Inhabitants Monty Moles, Mega Moles, Rocky Wrenches (implied), Choropū-san
チョロプーたちはこのプー大陸の出身だったのか! (Did the Monty Moles come from this Rocky Wrench Continent?!)
— Princess Peach

Pū Tairiku (プー大陸, Rocky Wrench Continent) is the alleged location from which the Monty Mole species originate. It appears only in the third Super Mario Kart volume of the Super Mario Kodansha manga.

After Luigi is stung by a Kurayami Sasori, he, Mario, and Peach reach the Amazon Queen at the jungle volcano, who explains that the antidote is in the Pū Tairiku, a dangerous place from which no one came out alive, and whose entrance is situated right next to the Amazon Kingdom's. After opening it, the Queen informs them that they will not be able to exit through the same way they entered. Meanwhile, the rest of the racers see Mario's kart entering a cave, thinking he took a shortcut; Mario and Peach do not notice them with Luigi's swollen nose obstructing the back view. Entering town, Mario's kart is then attacked by Choropū-san, who blocks the way, but Mario runs him over and drives for the temple, followed by the other racers.

While crossing a frail bridge, Mario makes it crumble, causing the other contestants to fall into the river below. With three minutes before the venom kills Luigi, the two teams reach the inner temple, a massive statue of a Mega Mole holding a big tube containing the antidote. Eventually, Mario reaches the tube but is pulled by Wario, causing the tube to slip out of his hands and fall on top of Luigi, curing him and shrinking his swollen nose.

Immediately after, an earthquake starts: the tube was connected to a trap mechanism that starts to flow magma into the town. All of the racers (even the one that fell into the river) escape by following the remains of the previous deceased explorers. They all jump on a rock dais, and the magma spits the dais out from the volcano crater, making all of the racers land by the finish line of the race, but having not reached it with their karts, they are all disqualified.


  • The Pū Tairiku uses the Japanese name for Rocky Wrench despite them not appearing in the volume.