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Children of Mana artwork
First appearance Children of Mana (2006)
Species Human
Gender Female
Residence Topple, Land of Water

Tamber is one of the four main protagonists of Children of Mana and the only one of them to be a female. Her weapon of choice is the Bow, and her artwork even shows her carrying one along with three arrows. Tamber has high agility, more than the other playable characters, but her physical attacks are weak.


Tamber had two parents and a younger brother named Toby, all of whom were killed by the Cataclysm.

General information[edit]

Physical appearance[edit]

Tamber is a sixteen-year old girl with short green hair and purple eyes. Her default outfit consists of a seashell headdress securing a crimson headband, with a long red dress opened at the front, revealing light blue ribbons tied around her legs. She wears various shells on her forearms and satchel.


Tamber is mature for her age and is known to have a strong sense of justice.