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This template allows putting information about the internal names of article subjects and their respective meanings into an article.


This template should be placed in the "Internal names" section of an article. If accompanied by {{foreign names}}, then "Internal names" and "Names in other languages" should be made sub-sections of an "Additional names" section. The syntax is as follows:

{{internal names
|game1=''[[Game Name]]''

This works for any amount of numbered game/file/name/meaning parameters. The Game, File, and/or Meaning columns can be optionally removed by omitting the corresponding parameter(s).


  • Multiple entries within a single parameter (e.g. game1) should be separated by <br>.
  • When possible, the file parameter should include the file path as well, starting from the game's root directory (e.g. vol in the case of Wii U games).
  • File paths and names (used in the file parameters) should be encapsulated by <tt></tt> tags.