Tennis (Wii Sports)

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Tennis is one of the five game modes on Wii Sports. It is a basic game of tennis, and it supports up to four players.


In Tennis, the Wii Remote is used like a tennis racket; to hit the tennis ball, the player must swing their Wii Remote like a tennis racket. Before starting the game, players must select their positions on the tennis court. Up to two characters can be on each side. Positions with a "?" are filled by CPU players. Players have the option to play either a 1, 3, or 5-round match. Before starting a game, the player can optionally switch from the standard green tennis court to the blue one from training by holding Two Button.

Like other games, players play as Mii avatars, which move around automatically. The scoring system is the same as a typical game of tennis; if a player commits a foul then the other team is awarded points. The scoring usually goes as follows: 15, 30, 40, and then a win. If both teams score 40 points in a round, a "Deuce" is declared. The next team to score a point is awarded the Advantage point (Adv). If the same times scores again, they win the round. However, if the other team scores, a "Deuce" is declared again, and the process continues until there is a winner.