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Artwork of Tethu from Ever Oasis
First appearance Ever Oasis (2017)
Latest appearance Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018) (cameo)
Species Seedling

​Tethu​ is a Seedling who appears in Ever Oasis as the main protagonist. Tethu is the chief of his Oasis, which he built with Esna. As the chief, Tethu is in charge of maintaining and oper goes on a journey with some others to save their Oasis from the main antagonist, Chaos. At the start of the game, the player can decide on Tethu's gender, and his female counterpart is named Tethi.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Tethu makes a cameo appearance as a spirit.


Ever Oasis[edit]

In Ever Oasis, Tethu is the younger sibling of the Oasis Chief, Nour. During when Nour's Oasis was being destroyed by Chaos, Nour saved Tethu by putting him into a large pod and then sending him far away so that he may construct an oasis of his own. Tethu ended up at the last small body of water within the vast desert, as Chaos had destroyed all the other ones. There, Tethu also met the last remaining water spirit, Esna. With their combined powers, Tethu and Esna form a small Oasis, and were hoping that more Seedlings would join.

Throughout the game, Tethu would oversee the overall management of the Oasis during its expansion. At first, Tethu plays a crucial role in adventuring for materials and providing them to Oasis's Bloom Shops, but when Shakuro and Jamileh become residents of the Oasis, they set up their own booths where Tethu can assign certain tasks to residents who are available to perform them.

As Chaos tries to take over Tethu's Oasis, he goes on a search for three Lumites, which can prevent Chaos's power from engulfing the entire Oasis. The first one, the Blue Lumite, is obtained at Ostraka Ruins after defeating Baastu. The second Lumite, the Green Lumite, is obtained at Ocean Necropolis after defeating Scrimpion.

Some time after obtaining the Green Lumite, Tethu was informed of a suspicious individual who traveled into the Oasis during the midnight. If Tethu sticks around the Great Tree Spring at midnight, he can find the individual stealing water from the springs. Tethu sneaks up behind the culprit, who is revealed to be a Lagora named Sol. Sol explains that his area, the Lagora Settlement, has been having a large drought, and that he needed to provide water to provide for himself and others there. Tethu agrees to help Sol and retrieves the necessary ingredients for Evia to create a nectar drink for the Lagora.

Later on, Tethu travels to the Forgotten Forest where he and his party search for the third and final Lumite, the Red Lumite. Deep into the area, Tethu and his party eventually come across an evil Lagora named Aronbesh, who was feeding a Chaos-possessed plant named Chaos Kelp. Just as Tethu was about to finish off Aronbesh with a Green Gale, it is blocked by Shuet, who is actually Nour but under Chaos's possession.

Back at the Oasis, Tethu went to visit Esna at the Spirit Shrine so that they can make use of the Red Lumite in hopes of completely securing the Oasis from Chaos. Esna fails to utilize its power, which is blocked by Shuet. Tethu and Esna watch helplessly as Shuet combines the power of the three Lumite into the Black Lumite. Shortly after, Tethu and Esna hear from one of the world's guardians, the Great Sage Thoth, who informs them of the White Lumite, the opposite of the Black Lumite, which is created if a good-natured person illuminates the three Lumite and combines their powers. Esna then instructs Tethu to acquire the Eye of Truth and then go to the Sanctuary of Light, where he can illuminate the three Lumites.

At the Sanctuary of Light, Tethu has to fight several bosses before he can restore the Lumite. There, Thoth reveals to Tethu that the White Lumite can be merged to form the three Lumite. After this occurs, the Chaos surrounding the Oasis vanishes. Tethu's final battle occurs in the Chaos Void where he fights Shuet, who becomes the Black Dragon during the battle. Tethu manages to defeat him, saving the world from Chaos.


Play Nintendo[edit]

  • He can control the wind…but can he protect his oasis from the forces of Chaos?
    Tethu is chief of his own desert paradise, like his brother before him. With the help of a Water Spirit named Esna, Tethu works hard to make his oasis a peaceful and prosperous paradise. But when Chaos Monsters sprout across the land, he turns to his allies—and the wind power known as Green Gale—to defend the desert’s last safe haven.

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