Tetris DS Puzzle Mode

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Tetris DS Puzzle Mode

Title screen, with instructions
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Adobe Flash
Release date 2006[citation needed]
Genre Puzzle
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player
Media HTML
Input Mouse

Tetris DS Puzzle Mode is the name given to an online Flash advergame that appeared on the Nintendo Arcade section of Nintendo.com, where it was simply listed as Tetris DS.[1] It is meant to function as a demo for the Nintendo DS title of the same name, specifically its Puzzle mode.

The game is themed after Super Mario Bros. 3, using graphics of clouds, hills and colored blocks from that game to compose the background. Two Green Yoshis using sprites from Yoshi's Cookie hold a big sign showing the level currently being played, and another one peeks from behind the game board.


Similar to a game of Tetris, the goal in this game is to clear several rows of blocks by using two tetriminos in the intended order. The player must first select the tetrimino, then choose a viable position to fit the gap in the blocks; the tetrimino will then automatically fall into the gap. One-sided tetriminos (straight and Z-shaped) only have two possible positions to choose from, while the rest (J-, L-, and T-shaped) have four. If the player mistakes a selection, they can choose to retry the level, or go back to the level menu.

The game presents five levels which can be played in any order, and is won once all levels are completed. On both the title and congratulatory screens, the player can opt to visit the official Tetris DS website.

Level menu. Completed levels are marked with a star icon.



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