USS Nimitz

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The USS Nimitz is a nuclear-powered aicraft carrier of the United States Navy. The first ship of its self-titled class, it is the oldest-serving aircraft carrier in the world. It is featured in the Game Boy issue "Team Play".

The Nimitz is stationed somewhere in the Pacific, near an uninhibited island that has been turned into a fortress by Tatanga's force. Greg Campbell, an ordnance officer on the ship, notices the black cloud that signal Tatanga's arrival, but is told by his crewmate Jose to stop his mind wandering and focus on their usual tasks. After Greg summons Mario, Mario takes off from the carrier's deck in the Sky Pop alongside two F-14 Tomcat.

Badly damaged during his engagement with the island fortress's defenses, Mario crash lands on the Nimitz's deck and gets caught by Greg. Greg eventually agrees to give Mario access to the ship's weapons and draws up the schematics for the "Sky Pop Defense System," which are eventually found and discussed by two confused officers in the carrier's Air Operations Center.

Now heavily armed, Mario takes off again. He is seen by a shocked command tower operator, but the man is shut down by his superior who orders him "I didn't see anything. You didn't see anything either." As Mario now fights on even terms with Tatanga's forces, one of the Nimitz's F/A-18 Hornet wanders in the combat zone and is targeted by the island's defenses, giving Mario an opening to land. The plane shoots a tank that was sneaking up on Mario but it is badly damaged and has to limp back to the carrier. Having seen the extent of the damage, Mario takes off and help the F/A-18 makes a safe landing on the ship's deck.

Mario and Greg have a final conversation on the Nimitz's deck before Mario warps back into the Game Boy. As he does so, a formation of U.S Navy planes observe the island fortress's destruction and flies back to the carrier.

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