White Bears

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Pitcher selection screen for both teams. The White Bears are on the left.

The White Bears[1] are one of two baseball teams in the Game Boy version of Baseball, with their opposing team being the Red Eagles. The White Bears appear in both the USA mode and the Japan mode, just with different team members in each mode. By default, the White Bears are always the first to bat. Due to the small size of the Game Boy screen, their in-game name is shortened to W-BEARS.

North American instruction manual description[edit]

  • USA Mode: Has a strong cleanup and ace, MARIO. One offensive team!
  • Japan Mode: Dynamite batting lineup explodes! High-ranking batters are the star players.


For full detailing on their stats, see here.

USA mode[edit]

Pitchers Mario • Paul • Eric • Jimmy
Batters Mike • Tom • Jim • John
Bob • Rick • David • Eddie
Pinch hitters Jack • Alan • Fred

Japan mode[edit]

Pitchers Igawa • Mura • Kane • Natsu
Batters Waka • Michi • Wan • Cho
Kohji • Buchi • Isao • Yoshi
Pinch hitters Kake • Morio • Dai


  • The game includes a character named "Yoshi" that plays for the White Bears in the Japanese mode. Baseball was released a year before Yoshi's very first appearance in the Japanese release of Super Mario World, and thus the connection is merely coincidental. In real life, Yoshi is a name in the Japanese language that can be a first name, a last name or a commonly used shortened nickname for a longer name.