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Children of Mana sprite
First appearance Children of Mana (2006)
Species Phoenix

Xangar is a large, fiery bird resembling a phoenix and the first boss fought in Children of Mana.


At first, during the start of the battle, Xangar is protected by a force. Once the hero has hit Xangar a few times, a cutscene plays showing the Mana Sword falling down to the earth and destroying Xangar's barrier. This gives the hero an opportunity to attack Xangar with their weapon. Xangar now goes up to the top of the screen and attacks with two little floating saws. The hero must parry these to send them back at Xangar and hurt him with his own attack. Xangar's attacks can inflict Paralyze and Burn. Xangar returns to the center of the arena and attacks by either sending a wall of fire bursting out or some fire that follows the hero until it dies out. After taking enough damage, Xangar is defeated, and it explodes in a burst of fire.

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