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Advancing Block Screen[1] is the third pattern in Alleyway, which causes extra lines to appear from the top of the screen. Every time a new line is added, all of the lines below are moved one line downwards.

After the stage with this pattern is completed, the player moves on to the Bonus.


In the stage with this pattern, the ball bouncing off of the paddle can cause an extra line to appear at the top of the screen. Stages with this pattern are typically bigger, and added lines slowly bring the rest of the stage on the screen. Once the line with blocks reaches a certain point on the screen, it disappears. After every line of the stage has been added, no more extra lines will appear.

The lines get added after a certain amount of times the ball touches the paddle in the following order:

  1. After 8
  2. After 8
  3. After 5
  4. After 5
  5. After 3
  6. After 2
  7. After 2
  8. After 2
  9. After 2
  10. After 1

Every other bounce results in the new line being added until there are no more lines to add.


The following stages use the Advancing Block Screen pattern:

  • Stage 3
  • Stage 6
  • Stage 9
  • Stage 12
  • Stage 15
  • Stage 18
  • Stage 21
  • Stage 24


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