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Bonuses are stages in Alleyway that appear after completing a stage with an Advancing Block Screen pattern. The stage number for these stages is the same as the stage they appear after. Breakable blocks are arranged in such a way that they resemble characters from Super Mario Bros. In total, there are eight Bonuses.

Bonus Stage[1] is the fourth and last pattern in Alleyway in which the ball goes through breakable blocks while destroying them. The stage ends after every breakable block is destroyed, the ball touches the bottom of the screen, or the time runs out. The player cannot lose a life on these stages. Bonus Stage pattern also introduces a Time Limit. If all the breakable blocks get destroyed before the time runs out, the player will receive 1500 points.

After a Bonus is completed, the next stage has a Normal Block Screen pattern.


# Image Previous stage Character Time
1 Stage 3 Mario[2] 95
2 Stage 6 Koopa Troopa 90
3 Stage 9 Blooper 85
4 Stage 12 Piranha Plant 80
5 Stage 15 Bullet Bill 80
6 Stage 18 Goomba 80
7 Stage 21 Cheep Cheep 80
8 Stage 24 Bowser 80

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Russian Бонусный уровень[3]
Bonusniy uroven'
Bonus level


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