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In-game appearance

Armored ghosts are enemies encountered in Find Mii and Find Mii II. In the latter game, there is also one encountered as a boss, and it guards the prince.

Armored ghosts are a ghost inside of golden armor, and they carry a spear. All that can be seen of the ghost within is the eyes. Armored ghosts reduce a hero's attack power by one, therefore making them invulnerable to attacks from level 1 heroes. When an Armored ghost is hit, the sound of a metal clank plays. When an Armor ghost is defeated, it collapses into a pile of armor and then turns into purple smoke.

In Find Mii, Armored ghosts have 10 HP, although this was doubled to 20 HP in Find Mii II. Armored ghosts are the weakest armored enemy in Find Mii games.

In Find Mii II, the Armored Ghost uses magical armor to change the target. The game also has one Armored ghost enemy, and it is encountered alongside a Roaming Mummy.


Find Mii
  • Gloomy Grotto West
  • Gloomy Grotto
  • Mirage Tower
Find Mii II
  • Restless Rise North (guarding the prince)
  • Diabolical Altar East
Secret Quest
  • Restless Rise South
  • Dolorous Deepwood South


HP Abilities
Find Mii
10 Reduces melee damage taken by 1.
Find Mii II
20 Reduces melee damage taken by 1, uses Magical Armor to change targets.