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This article is about a game included in StreetPass Mii Plaza. For the game on Wii Play, see Find Mii (Wii Play).
Title screen

Find Mii, known as StreetPass Quest in Europe and Australia, is a basic turn-based RPG included on StreetPass Mii Plaza. Miis are utilized to fight through several enemy-filled rooms in order to free the player's own Mii from imprisonment. A Find Mii stage appears in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and later Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

When Find Mii is first started, a short story is played out about how the chosen Mii is the monarch. One day, after waking up from a nap, three ghosts trap the monarch in a cage and kidnap him. He calls on heroes to rescue him.

In the December 2011 system update, a sequel to Find Mii was released, Find Mii II. It plays similarly to Find Mii but features harder challenges. It is unlocked by completing the first Find Mii twice.


Miis are given two attacks, either a three-hit sword attack or a magic attack with effects determined by the Mii's favorite color, and are leveled up by consecutive StreetPasses with the same person. Alternatively, the player can hire wandering heroes for two Play Coins each, up to ten at a time. The wandering heroes are either a cat or dog, depending on which animal is set as a favorite in the Settings menu. The wandering heroes are either level 1 or 2, and they have either brown or dark purple fur, depending on their level.

Accessories can be obtained after clearing certain rooms, and are used to dress up the player's Mii in the main plaza. Each time a player reconnects to a previously StreetPassed player, their corresponding fighter increases in strength and level, up to 7.

The player can press and hold R Button to fast-forward in the game. The monarch even provides this advice in one of his quotes.


Enemy Description HP
Ghost The weakest and most basic enemy, ghosts can be defeated easily. 7 HP
Blue ghost A blue version of the main ghost with a curl near its head. In addition, blue ghosts are impervious to blue magic while being weak to red magic. 25 HP
Armored ghost A suit of armor with eyes inside the helmet, these ghosts reduce sword damage by one. Only heroes that are level 2 or higher can deal sword damage to them, unless a level 1 hero does a critical hit. 10 HP
Armored demon A larger, blue variant of armored ghosts with twice the health. 20 HP
Armored fiend The final normal ghost and the penultimate boss of the game only encountered at the top of Mirage Tower. This ghost guards the player's Mii and must be defeated, like every other armored ghost. It shares the same traits of the armored ghost and armored demon. 60 HP
Ultimate ghost The final boss of the game encountered after defeating the armored fiend, this purple ghost takes several hits to actually defeat, but teams of different ranked warriors will defeat the ghost. 145 HP (first encounter)
150 (second encounter)


Each hero has a different magic spell. The magic's effect depends on the hero's shirt color. Certain enemies will also use magic for defense. Magic can also be used to remove hazards before entering a room.

  • Red: A flame-based attack that hits all enemies in a room. It is especially effective against blue ghosts and mummies, and is resisted by blood ghosts. When used as combo magic, the attack is stronger and can be used to thaw a frozen room.
  • Blue: An attack that douses the enemy in water. It is especially effective against blood ghosts and resisted by blue ghosts. When used as combo magic, the attack is more powerful and can be used to cool a fiery room.
  • Light-blue: An ice based attack that freezes all enemies in a room. Frozen enemies cannot move and have their evasive rate lowered significantly. Heroes may attack a frozen enemy consecutive times until it thaws. Combo magic increases the time enemies take to thaw out.
  • Green: Doubles the level of the next hero in line (Maximum level: 7). When used as combo magic it maximizes the level of the next hero in line.
  • Light-green: Puts all enemies to sleep. Similar to the effects of light-blue magic, sleeping enemies cannot move and heroes may attack until the effect wears off. Like light-blue magic, when used as a combo it increases the time enemies take to wake up.
  • Purple: Poisons all enemies in a room. Poisoned enemies lose 1 HP after the end of each turn. When used as combo magic, enemies lose 2 HP at the end of each turn.
  • Yellow: A room effect that whirls up a sandstorm. This decreases the accuracy of all heroes; however it may give them an extra chance to attack if the enemy rubs its eyes. When used as combo magic a stronger sandstorm can be summoned and can be used to dispel poisonous gas in a room (such as the room found before the castle).
  • Orange: A room effect that invigorates all heroes. Each hero attacks 4 times instead of 3 while the spell is in effect. Combo magic gives each hero 5 attacks instead of 3.
  • Pink: A room effect that makes heroes feel daring. This greatly decreases the accuracy of all heroes, however all hits become critical hits while the spell is in effect. When used as combo magic, accuracy is still lost, albeit not as much as when solo is used.
  • Brown: Summons a bunny to fight. The bunny's level will be less than or equal to the level of the hero who summoned it. When used as combo magic, the bunny's level will be equal to the team's combined level, going as high as level 7.
  • White: Used to light up a dark room. Reapers take double damage while the room is bright.
  • Black: Darkens a dazzling room. Sparkling golems take double damage while the room is darkened.


There are 14 rooms in Find Mii, eight of which reward a headgear accessory when completed. The second playthrough has eight different headgear rewards, although some are found in a different room than before.

Enemies Reward
Fort of Summoning
Ghost Mario Hat (first playthrough)
Luigi Hat (second playthrough)
Fort of Summoning - B1
Ghost (x2) None
Fort of Summoning - B2
Blue ghost None
Gloomy Grotto
Ghost (yellow shield)
Blue ghost
Cat Ears (first playthrough)
Blue Pikmin Hat (second playthrough)
Gloomy Grotto West
Armored ghost None
Gloomy Grotto East
Blood ghost Red Pikmin Hat (first playthrough)
Bunny Ears (second playthrough)
Gloomy Grotto Exit
Armored ghost
Blue ghost
Kirby Hat (first playthrough)
Mirage Tower
Blue ghost (blue shield)
Armored ghost
Link Hat (first playthrough)
Bowser Hat (second playthrough)
Mirage Tower Ground
Blood ghost Dog Ears (first playthrough)
Mirage Tower 1F
Armored demon Toad Hat (second playthrough)
Mirage Tower 2F
Armored demon
Armored ghost
Yellow Pikmin Hat (second playthrough)
Mirage Tower 3F
Armored demon (x2) Samus Hat (first playthrough)
Metroid Hat (second playthrough)
Mirage Tower Summit (Part 1)
Armored fiend None
Mirage Tower Summit (Part 2)
Ultimate ghost Crown (first playthrough)
Ultimate Hat (second playthrough)

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