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Find Mii II, known as StreetPass Quest II in Europe and Australia, is an unlockable game on StreetPass Mii Plaza and a sequel to Find Mii. It was released as a part the Nintendo 3DS's December 2011 system update. Find Mii II is unlocked by completing Find Mii twice.


Enemies from Find Mii return, along with the addition of new enemies.

  • Ghost: The yellow ghost which is also the main ghost, easy to defeat. 10 HP
  • Blue Ghost: A blue version of the main ghost with a curl near its head. Due to having more HP, they are harder to defeat. In addition, Blue Ghosts are impervious to blue magic while being weak to red magic. 25 HP
  • Blood Ghost: A bigger red version of a normal ghost with a more menacing look and higher health. Blood Ghosts are invulnerable to red magic while being weak to blue magic. 50 HP
  • Armored Ghost: A suit of armor with eyes inside the helmet, these ghosts are like normal ghosts, albeit with more health and that they reduce sword damage by one, meaning only level two heroes and up can deal damage with their swords, unless level 1 heroes were to get critical hits. 20 HP
  • Armored Demon: A bigger blue version of Armored Ghosts. Like Armored Ghosts, they take one less damage from sword attacks. 40 HP
  • Armored Fiend: The final normal ghost and the penultimate boss of the game only encountered at the top of Mirage Tower. This ghost guards the player's Mii and must be defeated, like every other armored ghost. It shares the same traits of the Armored Ghost and Armored Demon. 60 HP
  • Ultimate Ghost: The final boss of the game encountered after defeating the Armored Fiend, this purple ghost takes several hits to actually defeat, but teams of different ranked warriors will defeat the ghost. It is the second boss of the last stage in Find Mii II. 150 HP
  • Yellow Slime: An enemy that is similar to the Ghost, albeit with a slightly higher evasive rate. Yellow Slimes are weak to yellow magic, a trait shared with most other slimes. 10 HP
  • Blue Slime: A slime that is capable of using Healing Magic. Just like Yellow Slimes, Blue Slimes have a slightly higher evasion rate compared to most enemies. Blue Slimes are weak to yellow magic, as with most other slimes. 25 HP
  • Green Slime: A slime that possesses the highest evasion rate in the whole game, but also the lowest HP of all enemies encountered in the game. Unlike most slimes, it is not weak to yellow magic and is immune to red, blue and purple magic. However, it can be frozen or put to sleep with either light blue or light green magic. This helps lower its evasion rate. 3 HP
  • Pink Slime: A slime that uses Growth Magic every time it takes damage. If it grows four times (to where it will become the size of the player's screen), it will end the player's session, and all the heroes will flee. 50 HP
  • Reaper Cadet: An enemy that is capable of spewing curse gas, which might make a hero lose their turn to use their sword or magic while fighting. Just like with armored enemies, Reaper Cadets take one less damage from sword attacks. However, they also take one less damage from magic attacks. Reaper Cadets are weak to white magic. 30 HP
  • Reaper Captain: A reaper that has the ability to spew barrier gas, which nullifies the ability for heroes to use magic. Just like with the Reaper Cadet, the Reaper Captain will take one less damage from sword and magic attacks. Reaper Captains are weak to white magic, as with other reapers. 45 HP
  • Reaper Commander: A reaper that, like Cadets, will spew curse gas, which makes it so that heroes may lose their turn while fighting. Like other reapers, the Commander takes one less damage from sword and magic attacks. Just like Blue Slimes and Roaming Mummies, Reaper Commanders have the capability of using Healing Magic. 60 HP
  • Reaper General: A reaper that will, like Cadets and Commanders, spew curse gas. Unlike other reapers, the Reaper General takes two less damage from sword and magic attacks instead of one. In addition, the Reaper General can use revival magic, which (hence the name) will revive his defeated allies. 75 HP
  • Granite Golem: An enemy that takes two less damage from sword attacks. 25 HP
  • Iron Golem: A stronger variation of the Grantite Golem that guards the princess in the normal quest, while two of them appear in the flaming rooms in the secret quest. 45 HP
  • Golden Golem: The second strongest golem that heroes fight. Just like other golems, it takes two less damage from sword attacks. However, unlike other golems, the Golden Golem is weak to black magic. However, not only does black magic deal major damage to the Golden Golem, but it also cancels their defense. 80 HP
  • Diamond Golem: The strongest golem encountered. It guards the princess in the Secret Quest. After each turn, it will use Fortifying Magic to increase its defense further. Like the Golden Golem, the Diamond Golem is weak to black magic, and just like the Golden Golem, black magic will also negate its defense, though it will still use Fortifying Magic. 85 HP
  • Shambling/Wandering Mummy: An enemy that has the ability to scare the first hero in line when first encountered by ambushing them. Shambling Mummies are weak to red magic, a trait shared by all other mummies. 15 HP
  • Roaming Mummy: A mummy that resembles a larger, blue version of the Shambling Mummy. Just like the Blue Slime, it is able to use Healing Magic. It will attempt to scare the first hero in line when encountered. Like other mummies, it is weak to red magic. 30 HP
  • Marauding Mummy: A mummy with red bandages and spikes on its head. It has the same trait with other mummies. It is usually encountered with Roaming Mummies. Like other mummies, it is weak to red magic. 45 HP
  • Rampaging Mummy: The strongest mummy encountered. Unlike other mummies, it will always scare the first hero in line. Being a mummy, it is weak to red magic. 60 HP
  • Armored Archfiend: A massive Armored Ghost, teamed heroes can take him out easily. It uses Fortifying Magic to increase its defenses. 60 HP
  • Dark Lord: The final boss of the game and the true leader of the monsters. Just like the Ultimate Ghost, he spews Level-Down Gas, which weakens heroes by one level (level 1 heroes are unaffected). In addition, the Dark Lord is invulnerable to purple, light blue, and light green magic. 200 HP


Main article: Find Mii#Magic

Like the first Find Mii, each hero has a different magic spell. The magic's effect depends on the hero's shirt color. Find Mii II introduces Combo Magic, which can be used with heroes of the same shirt color.

Enemy magic[edit]

Find Mii II introduces enemy magic, which certain enemies use to defend themselves. Magic can be removed by a Bottled Barrier.

  • Mirage Magic: Used only by Blue Ghosts in Find Mii II. Creates an illusion to evade attacks. The illusion is still affected by magic, and is broken with one sword hit. However, the hero leaves if it hits an illusion.
  • Healing Magic: Used by Blue Slimes, Roaming Mummies, Reaper Commanders. It heals another enemy's HP.
  • Magical Armor: Used by Armored Ghosts. Whenever a hero targets an Armored Ghost's ally, it will use its magical armor to take the hit and make it become the hero's target.
  • Growth Magic: Used by Pink Slimes. Each time it takes damage, it uses it to grow bigger. After growing four times, it will fill the entire screen, and every hero will flee.
  • Fortifying Magic: Used by Diamond Golems and the Armored Archfiend to increase defense.
  • Reviving Magic: Only used by the Reaper General. It completely revives a fallen enemy.


Find Mii II also introduces potions, which can be bought using Play Coins:

  • Vial of Valour (8 Play Coins): Calls back any heroes who had failed to defeat the monster.
  • Power Potion (20 Play Coins): Boosts the level of the next heroes in line, similar to green magic.
  • Dispelling Draft (2 Play Coins): Blows away gas spewed by enemies.
  • Bottled Barrier (2 Play Coins): Nullifies enemy magic.