Densetsu no Stafy 3

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Densetsu no Stafy 3 is the third game in The Legendary Starfy series. It was released for the Game Boy Advance exclusively in Japan on August 5, 2004.


In each level of the game, the player must control Starfy (or Starly) and reach the goal at the end without being defeated, which only occurs if Starfy loses all five units of his health. Starfy can regenerate his health a unit at a time by collecting five of the small gems scattered throughout the levels, or alternatively one of the large gems. Along with the ability of jumping, Starfy has a small variety of abilities (such as his gliding ability or his Star Spin attack) that he can use initially or learn as the player progresses through the game. At points during levels, Starfy can attack closed clams to free the mermaid inside, acting as a checkpoint for him.

Wario giving Starfy the Wario Cap treasure after a stage.

Wario makes a guest appearance for the duration of the eighth stage in this installment, where he assists Starfy mainly for his own personal gain. He is first encountered at the start of the stage after appearing through a vortex.

Throughout the four levels, Starfy manipulates several forms of Wario to proceed through puzzle rooms, such as igniting Wario so he becomes Flaming Wario, for Starfy to then ram the ground Flaming Wario is running over from underneath to help him clear hurdles in order to get to and destroy the Bonfire Block at the end of a room. After each level of Undersea Ruins barring the fourth, Wario gives Starfy various treasures for his effort, those being the Wario Cap, the WarioWare, Inc. and the Nose and Moustache set treasures in that respective order.


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