Disc Channel

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A preview of the Disc Channel if no disc has been inserted

The Disc Channel is a Wii Channel from which game discs are loaded and played. It is the first channel on the menu, and unlike other Wii Channels, it cannot be moved.

The Disc Channel displays a preview icon of the game currently in its disc slot; if a Nintendo GameCube game is in the slot, it does not have a preview and only displays the Nintendo GameCube logo. When a disc is loading, a GameCube Game Disc and a Wii Optical Disc are shown spinning, and whichever disc type that was inserted lowers into an opening representing a disc reader.

Because the Wii Family Edition and Wii mini models cannot play Nintendo GameCube games, only a Wii Optical Disc is shown on the channel. The Wii U does not have its own Disc Channel equivalent.