Dr. Mario (Gamewatch Boy)

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Dr. Mario is one of the two LCD game watches belonging to the Gamewatch Boy line released in 1992 by Mani Industries. It plays similarly to the original game.


In order to enter the game mode, the top button on the right must be pressed. The direction pad is one button and is used to select Game A or Game B. In Game A, to eliminate a virus, only three blocks of the pill/virus are needed. In Game B, four are required. In both game modes, just three blocks are needed to remove pills. The red buttons are identical and select the levels 1 to 9. On Level 1, there are three viruses to eradicate, while on Level 9, there are 19. Pressing the button that corresponds to the Game Boy's Select Button button starts the game.

The direction pad moves the pill to the left, while both of the red buttons on the right move it to the right. The Select Button button rotates the pill, while the bottom button on the right hastens its descent.

The three types of viruses are distinguished from their matching pills by flashing. The player earns five points for killing each virus, 15 points for taking out two simultaneously, and 30 points for taking out three or more. After the player beats Level 9, the word "EXCELLENT" will appear. The player can repeat Level 9 by pressing the Select Button button.

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