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Super Mario Race is one of the two LCD game watches belonging to the Gamewatch Boy line released in 1992 by Mani Industries. The gameplay is identical to that of many LCD racing games such as Princess Toadstool's Castle Run.


The button on the right side is the set/start button. The button that corresponds to the Game Boy's Select Button button is for the mode, and it can be used to select the difficulty, with A being easy and B being hard. The entire direction pad is a single button that moves the car to the left, while both of the red buttons on the right move the car to the right.


The game is set on a racetrack where Mario's racing car must dodge the other vehicles by moving to the left or right. Each time it succeeds, 10 points are awarded. It is Game Over after three collisions.

At timed intervals, Mario will show up on the far left side of the screen, holding a flag. The car can grab a flag for 30 points. Having that flag touch another flag on the far right of the track will cause Mario to show up there and award 50 points (it is possible for two Marios to be onscreen simultaneously). Doing this thrice will make Mario appear on top of a podium, holding a trophy. In this minigame, pressing the red buttons will cause a single digit to quickly cycle from one through nine. Pressing the same buttons will stop it and award bonus points that are equaled to that number multiplied by 10 (10 to 90 bonus points).

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