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Alerts in notifications on Nintendo Wiki

Notifications are messages provided to users for a number of events related to their account, including new talk page messages, edit reverts, mentions or links. It is intended to augment the Watchlist, by highlighting key user interactions.

Notifications are displayed to the right of the username and user talk links in the top link bar of the page for logged-in users, displaying two icons, each with a number representing the number of recent notifications. Email notifications can also be set up for some or all types of notification in Preferences.

Optionally, emails can be enabled so any notifications so the notifications can be arrived to the email address.

Viewing notifications[edit]

Toolbar icons[edit]

Notifications are either alerts or notices depending on the importance of the message. When someone takes an action that affects you, colored badges will appear next to your username, in the top right corner of any page. These notifications include cross-wiki notifications. When there are no notifications, these badges are grey.

The first badge (red, "alerts") contains more important notification types: new messages on your talk page, mentions, etc. The second badge (blue, "notices") contains less important notifications: pages links, message on other talk pages, etc.

These badges will show the number of new notifications you've received. Clicking on the badges will display a "fly-out" listing the most recent notifications (see screenshot) and set the badge color to grey again. The number will stay different from zero until you mark-as-read all your notifications for this badge (especially for messages).

If the alerts or notifications section contains 100 or more unread notifications, it is shown as '99+'.

You can click on the notification of your choice to find out more about it (see description below). To see all notifications received, you can click on "All notifications" to go to the notifications archive.

Notification layout[edit]

The most common notification types are all designed with the same pattern:

An icon floated on the left (on the right for right-to-left languages)
A circle floated on the right:
  • filled with blue if the notification is unread
  • white and circled of grey when read
Primary information: Notification title, in bold
Secondary information: Notification details (optional)
Details: at the bottom, with some useful information:
  • always the user who performs the action (with a link to their userpage) and date in a relative format
  • sometimes other information, like the targeted page
  • if needed, a three-dots menu with some options
The whole notifications is a link, usually to a diff that is related to the action you are notified about.

Similar notifications or notifications from other wikis are grouped.


An email showing Nintendo Wiki notification

Users can receive emails about Nintendo Wiki notifications if the email preferences is enabled by the user.