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This policy only applies to pages that say that they enforce the No-Signature Policy (for instance Nintendo Wiki:Appeals).

Many pages require that you do not sign with particular signature codes when you post something on them. Those pages, however, might not be very specific with their rules on signatures, causing many users to evade the rules that are on those pages. This page was specifically created to go more into depth on the no-signature policy.


  1. The signature codes that are not allowed are ~~~(~) and {{User:User Name Here/sig}}. Some of these signatures reset the number count on voting pages. While not all signatures reset number counts, it wouldn't be fair to allow some personalized signatures while banning others, so none of them are to be used.
  2. Some of the signature codes that are allowed are {{User|User Name Here}} and [[User:User Name Here|Whatever]].
  3. Adding separate images and/or specialized coding as well as or instead of the appropriate signatures is also not allowed.
  4. Other forms of signing can be used, however - use common sense. If you think it might break the rules, it probably will. One example of another form of signing that is allowed is [[User talk:User Name Here|Whatever]].
  5. Administrators hold the right to delete/change any signatures they believe break the above rules within reason.
  6. Users that persist in breaking these signature rules will be dealt with by an admin.
  7. All users hold the right to enforce the No-Signature Policy on userspace that they own, as well as the talk pages that belong to those pages, without pre-approval or permit.
  8. All users must leave a link to either their user page or their talk page.