It's a Small World After All

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It's a Small World After All
Series Game Boy
Publisher Valiant Comics
Writer(s) Mark McClellan, Bill Vallely
Artist(s) Dennis Francis, Art Nichols, Jade, The Gradations
Release date USA July 1990
Previous In the Palm of Your Hand...
Next Team Play

It's a Small World After All is the second issue of Valiant Comics' Game Boy comic book series. It was later reprinted in The Best of the Nintendo Comics System and Super Mario in: "Tatanga Invades Earth".


At Newark airport, a girl named Tannis Rhodes is introduced to the stewardess of her flight. The girl is excited at the thought of seeing the space shuttle at Cape Canaveral, but she is reminded by her sister that they are traveling there to visit their grandmother. Though Tannis bids farewell to her family as she is invited to visit the cockpit of the aircraft, her sister, who is playing Super Mario Land on her Game Boy, is distracted by the fact she reached World 4-1 and is about the beat the game.

In Piscataway, New Jersey, Herman Smirch is yelling at kids outside his apartment. Herman calls his mother and explains Tatanga needs his help to escape the video game world. Believing him to be insane, his mother implore him to get back home and get rid of his Game Boy. Herman packs his bag and gives the Game Boy to the kids playing outside.

Herman takes a walk, but he soon becomes possessed by an urge to activate "the gateway". He throws a brick at the front window of an electronics store and grabs one of the Game Boy on display. A police officer tries to apprehend him, but Herman simply punches him unconscious. He heads to a back alley and activates the gateway, summoning Tatanga and his minions.

Tatanga's forces take over the plane

Explaining that his beloved Princess Daisy has become sadder than usual, Tatanga tasks Herman Smirch with finding a suitable vacation spot, the later suggesting he could take Daisy to Disney World. Ten minutes later, Tatanga's troops blast a truck whose driver refused to give up his vehicle, and hijack a semi. They head to Newark Airport with Herman as the driver, despite his protestations that he does not know how to drive with a stick.

Once at the airport, Tatanga orders Pionpi to make "travel arrangements" and set his sight on taking over a nearby plane. While the flight crew is showing Tannis the various instruments in the cockpits, Herman and Tatanga's force board the plane and order to fly the plane to Disney World.

While in flight, Tannis explains to Eliana she heard they can summon Mario through a Game Boy. Unsatisfied with the flight speed, Tatanga order the engineers to rework the plane. Tannis blurts out the space shuttle can fly five miles a second, prompting Tatanga to ask her where the shuttle is.

The plane lands in Florida and Tatanga orders every human on-board beside Tannis to leave. It resumes course and lands in Cape Canaveral where they find the shuttle. While Tannis is amazed by the interiors of the shuttle and mention her desire to become an astronaut, Pionpi notes the craft is still primitive compared to what he is used to but that once various modifications are made, they can resume course to Disney World. Tatanga, however, has another location in mind.

The space shuttle takes off to the confusion of the maintenance crew. Tannis is worried by her predicament, causing Herman to insult her. He ravises himself and gives her his jacket as he notices she is shivering. She finds the Game Boy in his pocket and gets an idea.

Seeing Earth from the space shuttle's windows, Tatanga asks Herman what it is, and he explains to Tatanga that it is the entire world. This gives Tatanga the idea to rebuild the shuttle in a battleship.

Tannis tries to summon Mario but finds she's not good enough at Super Mario Land. Tannis makes contact with NASA ground control and ask them to direct her call to her home. She asks her mother to give her Rebecca so that she can explain to her how to get past World 1-3. With Rebecca's tips, she beats the level and summons Mario.

Mario charges at Tatanga's forces, but they quickly surround him and seal him inside a astronaut helmet. They attach the helmet to a space suit and throw it out of a airlock. Floating in the vacuum of space, Mario notices the internal components of the spacesuit resemble pipes and gets to work.

Inside the space shuttle, Tatanga is determining who is to blame for summoning Mario. Herman Smirch tries to defect the blame to Tannis, but Tatanga holds him responsible in his role as Keeper of the Gateway. Before he can give Herman his punishment, Pionpi interrupts to point the space shuttle is falling and the ship's instruments have been sabotaged. Mario pops out of a airlock and explains he managed to get back to the ship by following the spacesuit's air hose. Tatanga's forces try to warp back to Sarasaland but as Tannis is still in possession of the Game Boy, they are forced to make an emergency landing.

Daisy tricks Tatanga into retreating

On the ground, Daisy fakes an injury, prompting Tatanga's force to go back to the game world to give her medical attention. Mario explains to Tannis he needs to get to the warp so he can continue the war against Tatanga, but she assures him she can take care of herself. Herman leaves the shuttle and is asked to leave the crash site by two police officers for not being dressed properly. Tannis leaves the shuttle, finding animatronics children singing "It's a Small World" .


  • Why couldn't I be rescued by something out of Tetris?! I can play that game! - Tannis
  • It worked!! Mario!!
    Boy, I thought you were never going to get me past that Nokobon! You did your job kid – Now, beat it and let me do mine!
    - Tannis and Mario
  • And I thought Brooklyn was a cultural wasteland… - Mario