Rebecca Rhodes

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Rebecca (right) with her mother (left) in the Newark airport

Rebecca Rhodes is a minor character in the Game Boy issue "It's a Small World After All". She is the sister of Tannis Rhodes, whom Rebecca is shown to be more skilled at with gaming.

Rebecca is waiting inside the Newark Airport with the rest of her family, enjoying Super Mario Land on her Game Boy. While her mother tries to draw attention to her sister's flight, Rebecca is more interested in the fact she has reached World 4-1 and is close to completing the game.

While hostage inside the plane, Tannis explains to Eliana she knows how to summon Mario from the Game Boy because if "some kid at school" (implied to be Rick or Josh from the previous issue, "In the Palm of Your Hand...") told Rebecca how.

Later in the story, Tannis, who is trapped on a space shuttle above Earth, uses the shuttle's communication equipment to contact NASA and call her household, insisting to her mother she needs to speak to Rebecca so she can get held beating World 1-3. Using Rebecca's tip ("Jump the Mushroom and the[sic] leap onto the moving platform at the end"), Tannis manages to beat the level and summon Mario.