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The Nintendo Kids Club logo

Nintendo Kids Club is a division of Nintendo's official European website. It promotes contemporary Nintendo systems and games, while maintaining a focus on appealing to a younger audience. Nintendo of America has a similar larger division called Play Nintendo. A majority of the content is related to the Mario franchise, and the site's logo even features Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad.

The website's content is split into six sections: Play Games, Create & Decorate, Read & Discover, Quizzes, The Cat Mario Show, and Videos.


Play Games[edit]

This section contains Nintendo-related games.

Create & Decorate[edit]

This section contains downloadable images that can be printed.

Read & Discover[edit]

This section contains Nintendo-related information.


These contain quizzes meant to test one's knowledge on various Nintendo franchises. It is the only section to not have any Mario-related content. The section only has two quizzes:

The Cat Mario Show[edit]

Episodes 1-33 of The Cat Mario Show can be viewed here.


Nintendo-related videos can be viewed here.

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