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The Rabbit is a character introduced in StreetPass Mii Plaza's major update in 2013. She is a light pink-colored rabbit.


StreetPass Mii Plaza[edit]

In StreetPass Mii Plaza, the rabbit appears in rabbit holes in Games mode for the two bundles of Premium content introduced with the game's updates. She offers info on each game to try and sell the player on purchasing them. The rabbit also offers the game's Upgrade, shown when starting-up. There is also a Bunny Speech Bubble available for the the player's greeting; it is pink and has carrots and rabbit footprints. A wandering, bunny hero can be summoned in Find Mii, and the Bunny Ears item is based on it.

In the English versions of StreetPass Mii Plaza, she is simply referred to as "the rabbit" in most texts. In the title of her theme song, accessible in the Music Player, the rabbit is named Salesbunny.

The rabbit appears as the golden trophy icon for the Game Vault mode on the main menu. This is a theme that carried on with the Arcade Bunny being depicted in a series of golden statues for the Collection mode in Nintendo Badge Arcade.

Real Dasshutsu Game x Nintendo 3DS: Chou Hakai Keikaku Kara no Dasshutsu[edit]

The rabbit makes a returning appearance in the Japan-exclusive title Real Dasshutsu Game x Nintendo 3DS: Chou Hakai Keikaku Kara no Dasshutsu.

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