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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate artwork

Sheriff is the protagonist of the arcade game of the same name. He is notable for being Nintendo's first ever protagonist.



Intro sprite

In Sheriff, the hero sets out on his mission with the sole purpose to save a beautiful woman. A group of rogues have attacked the town and kidnapped her before making their escape. Wishing nothing else than to save her, he runs for her rescue. However, it isn't long before he is surrounded by her captors. Sixteen rogues circle around him, taking cover behind barricades. The sheriff has no choice but to take them down one by one. As he shoots his way though the situation, some of the captors sometimes makes a rush towards him, intensifying the battle.

Finishing of the offenders, a new group appears, just as Sheriff thought he was safe. He once again defeats them, but there are more of them around the corner. After finally taking down the third group the woman is rescued, and they share a moment of love.

Other appearances[edit]

Despite the honor of being Nintendo's first hero, Sheriff has made very few appearances since his debut. The game failed to be very successful, and with the release of Donkey Kong two years later, Sheriff would be entirely overshadowed by Mario.

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