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Tabuu is the final boss of The Subspace Emissary mode in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Tabuu plans to cut out the World of Trophies, which is inhabited by the fighters, and drag it into his own world. Tabuu hides himself in Subspace, vigilantly watching over the World of Trophies. Tabuu has been described as the embodiment of Subspace, and is also the creator of the Subspace Army. Because he cannot leave Subspace, Tabuu builds up an army to invade the World of Trophies.

Role in The Subspace Emissary[edit]

Tabuu and Master Hand[edit]

Tabuu studied the previous battles of Master Hand and the fighters, and this knowledge leads him to use Master Hand for his plans in this world.

Chains of light bend Master Hand to the will of Tabuu, who manipulates Master Hand to enlist the likes of Ganondorf, Bowser and Wario. He gives each of these minions a Dark Cannon and tells them to hunt down any talented fighters who might stand up to the Subspace Army.

Ancient Minister[edit]

Tabuu has had his eye on the advanced technology developed on the Isle of Ancients. This mysterious island hangs suspended in the sky and gives home to a group of robots. No one knows how long they have been there, but they have existed for ages without interfering with other civilizations. Life on the Isle of Ancients revolves around a single leader – the Master Robot. The other robots gave their unwavering loyalty to the Master Robot and existed in peace.

Tabuu has taken the entire island hostage. The Master Robot wants to avoid losing so many of his brethren to Tabuu, so he reluctantly agrees to be the main front of the Subspace offensive and starts to develop the Subspace Bombs.

Feeling shame for his decision to work with the Subspace Army, the Master Robot decides to disguise himself as the Ancient Minister. The Dark Cannons were also developed and built on the Isle of Ancients.

Mr. Game & Watch[edit]

Tabuu takes notice of the peculiar qualities of Mr. Game & Watch's body mass. He uses these particularities to create a nearly infinite number of shadow bugs, which he then uses to create the Subspace Army.

However, since Mr. Game & Watch does not have any concept of good and evil, he is unaware of the effects caused when he is used in this way.

Using the Halberd[edit]

Tabuu also has his eye on Meta Knight's ship, the Halberd, as a means of transportation for the Subspace Army.

Using the Subspace Army, he launches a fierce assault on Meta Knight and takes the ship for his own. At the same time, King Dedede also attacks Meta Knight, unwittingly making it impossible for Meta Knight to repel the Subspace Army’s attack. It was here Dedede learned of Tabuu and the powers that he possesses.

The Great Maze[edit]

Main article: The Great Maze

Tabuu has begun to take some of the pieces he tore out of this world and fashion them into a nightmarish maze, known as The Great Maze. The maze extends even farther than you realise.

The shadowy versions of fighters and the reincarnated bosses from earlier encounters were created based on detailed analysis carried out by the Subspace Army. They were the dark custodians of this dark labyrinth.

As the final boss[edit]

Tabuu is the final boss of The Subspace Emissary. He uses the Subspace Bomb to send entire locations to his dimension, where he absorbs their power to increase his own. Ganondorf realizes that Tabuu was actually controlling Master Hand and that he was not following Master Hand's orders. Enraged, he charges a futile attack at Tabuu, but Tabuu then turns Ganondorf into a Trophy. Master Hand also charges at Tabuu, but also to no avail. Tabuu then turns everyone into a trophy as soon as they approach (though later, Luigi, Kirby, King Dedede, and Ness are later revived thanks to the Dedede Cap). Before Tabuu can unleash his attack, he is ambushed by Sonic, and has one of his wings broken as a result. Any character can fight Tabuu, provided their trophies were recovered in Subspace.

Off Waves[edit]

The circular shockwaves emitted from Tabuu spreading his wings are called Off Waves. This devious technique is capable of immediately transforming many fighters in distant locations into trophies. You could say that this power alone makes Tabuu an almost invincible opponent. However, Tabuu's Off Waves have become weaker when Sonic broke one of his wings, but they remain powerful enough to instantly KO a fighter.

Tabuu's attacks and style of teleporting are in the vain of Marx from Kirby Super Star.