Ultimate ghost

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Ultimate ghost
First appearance Find Mii (2011)
Latest appearance Find Mii II (2011)
Species Ghost

The ultimate ghost is the main antagonist and final boss of Find Mii. He is a giant purple ghost with horns, yellow eyes, and a spiky mouth.


Find Mii[edit]

The ultimate ghost is damaged from poison

In Find Mii, after armored fiend is defeated, the monarch is freed from his cage. The ultimate ghost suddenly appears, and grabs the monarch into his left hand. When the battle starts, the ultimate ghost immediately scares away the current hero before it can attack, although each the following heroes can battle it like normal. The ultimate ghost has 145 HP in the first playthrough but 150 HP during the second one. Once the ultimate ghost is defeated, it glows and then fades away, and the monarch is freed from his grasp.

Find Mii II[edit]

In Find Mii II, it is revealed that the Dark Lord is the actual leader of the monsters. Like the second playthrough of Find Mii, the ultimate ghost has 150 HP. It has gained the ability to use Level Down Gas, and he is unaffected by green, orange, pink, or yellow magic attacks.