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Hello, so I've been recovering your work. Are you okay if I rewrote some sentences & moved some trivia points into the base article? No information was removed. Bawitdaba (talk) 18:55, December 10, 2022 (UTC)

Eh thats fine, but I may take a look at it. Is it also cool if we bring all these articles ti Mariopedia once it gets recovered? MontyMoleLoreMaster (talk) 21:34, December 10, 2022 (UTC)
Yes, and we probably won't need to add the images manually because they are already on the server -- it's just the articles themselves that were affected. Bawitdaba (talk) 21:51, December 10, 2022 (UTC)

My extra effort[edit]

Yeah those underground Monty Mole miners -- I went the extra to readd a trivia point that was removed on the MarioWiki Bawitdaba (talk) 22:26, December 10, 2022 (UTC)

Thanks, but the trivia point was worded weirdly so I had to rewrite it. Also, mind not forgetting to add the character infoboxes (since you forgot then in the Powered-Up Rocky Wrench and Super Choropū page? Also your redirects are nice to. MontyMoleLoreMaster (talk) 22:38, December 10, 2022 (UTC)
Oh yeah -- I figured those char infoboxes didn't have much info & that Powered Up Rocky Wrench didn't end up making any appearances (aside from concept art in a book), so apologies for that. If you'd like, you can add the character infoboxes using {{character infobox}}. Bawitdaba (talk) 22:44, December 10, 2022 (UTC)
Thanks but do you mind doing it for me? Also a lot of the manga Monty Mole species pages were made by me back on Super Mario Wiki. The only differences are just minor rewrites and some additional images. MontyMoleLoreMaster (talk) 22:47, December 10, 2022 (UTC)
Yeah I've been using between the MarioWiki and the Mariopedia ones. Okay sure, I can add it then Bawitdaba (talk) 22:57, December 10, 2022 (UTC)
Can the first thing we do when Mariopedia is being recreated is to restore all the pages we can? MontyMoleLoreMaster (talk) 23:24, December 10, 2022 (UTC)
Okay there we are -- there's still some more pages that I need to recover later, but I need to go see a friend soon. Here's hoping that what I did get to helped you out! And yes Bawitdaba (talk) 23:25, December 10, 2022 (UTC)
You did an excellent job and I am glad that most of the pages are restored. I am also planning to add info that we couldn’t add while Mariopedia was down like the Rocky Wrench Mii Racing Suit and the Perilous Palace Path Monty Mole appearance (when Mariopedia is up again of course). MontyMoleLoreMaster (talk) 23:28, December 10, 2022 (UTC)
Thank you :) Like I said, I still have more to recover, including Monty Mole and Rocky Wrench. Bawitdaba (talk) 00:03, December 11, 2022 (UTC)
I know, and hopefully we can recover at least a good amount of the pages when HM Fan is able to recreate Mariopedia. I am so thankful that at least the pages I worked the hardest on are safe. Also you should move the unused Monty Mole species characters to the scrapped characters category. MontyMoleLoreMaster (talk) 00:11, December 11, 2022 (UTC)
Yeah I was imagining category something like that. Also, I recovered the Monty Mole article. There's some images on the cached article that have not been added over yet, but seeing as they're on the servers (and I requested image dump -- they already busy trying to recover so many wikis) I think lower priority (at least for me) at the moment. Bawitdaba (talk) 21:24, December 11, 2022 (UTC)
Yeah good point, anyways thanks for helping with recovering these articles. Hopefully when Mariopedia gets recreated we are able to recover a good chunk of the pages. Also do you mind if the images in the Mariopedia versions of these pages are much bigger? I don’t mind them being small here, but on Mariopedia I do want the pages to be bigger if that is ok with you. MontyMoleLoreMaster (talk) 21:30, December 11, 2022 (UTC)
You mean the thumbnails? Yeah, just don't make the text too squished. Also, I not only recovered your work but also did some edits here and there, so hopefully you don't mind if the Bowser Inside Story section a bit shorter (I moved some of the info to the Monty Bros. article & actually did a lot of rewording on that one before publishing as well). I'll get to the Rocky Wrench, Monty Tank, and Ragumo pages either later today or tomorrow. I'm going to see a friend soon. Bawitdaba (talk) 21:47, December 11, 2022 (UTC)
Cool to hear and also I am fine with some rewrites. Also I meant like the images seen in the pages, as I wanted them to be bigger in Mariopedia. MontyMoleLoreMaster (talk) 22:29, December 11, 2022 (UTC)

Done with Monty Mole species article recovery[edit]

I'm done with recovering the Monty Mole species-related articles (although obviously that's not all the Mariopedia pages recovered). To save time, I didn't add Ragumo and the Flower Fields Monty Mole variant because it was more or less identical to the one on the mariowiki, and to save time seeing as i spent all weekend recovering your work. I could not manage to retrieve the Choropū-dan, Morty Mole (the cache only had revision from as of before you joined), Hello Mole, or even the Wrench articles. Aside from that, the other red links in the Monty Moles navbox are articles present on Yoshipedia. Bawitdaba (talk) 12:42, December 12, 2022 (UTC)

The Choropū-dan and Hello Mole pages were easy to make, but it is sad how the Morty Mole page could not be recovered (as I did a good job rewriting it and adding more info to it). When Mariopedia comes back online, will you help recreate those pages for me (I will also help to)? Also I don’t mind that you are done with the Monty Mole species page recoveries for this wiki, as I mainly think it would be more important for them to be restored in Mariopedia. Also I was wondering what minor editions you added to the Monty Mole species pages that weren’t there originally? MontyMoleLoreMaster (talk) 23:05, December 12, 2022 (UTC)
I think it was mostly just rewording a couple of things. Yeah I'm sorry about that too. Are you very glad that at least I got the Monty Mole article back? I can help do the Morty Mole and Wrench ones, but Hello Mole and Choropu-dan could be something you get to Bawitdaba (talk) 23:21, December 12, 2022 (UTC)
Yeah I am glad that the Monty Mole page is back. Also I don’t really mind too much on doing the Hello Mole and Choropū-dan pages, as they weren’t that hard to make. Also, is that Treasure Chest Crab from The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog related to Crabmeat? MontyMoleLoreMaster (talk) 23:33, December 12, 2022 (UTC)
I'd list comparable because it's crab-based but not a Badnik Bawitdaba (talk) 23:47, December 12, 2022 (UTC)
Good point, any other crab badniks you would say are related to Crabmeat? Also what badnik page should we make next? MontyMoleLoreMaster (talk) 00:06, December 13, 2022 (UTC)
Idk and not sure Bawitdaba (talk) 00:47, December 13, 2022 (UTC)
Ok, also have any screenshots of the sentient treasure chests in Sonic and the Black Knight and you cool with making a page on them? MontyMoleLoreMaster (talk) 02:15, December 13, 2022 (UTC)
I don't have, no Bawitdaba (talk) 03:25, December 13, 2022 (UTC)
Any news on the Mariopedia rebuild? MontyMoleLoreMaster (talk) 03:18, December 14, 2022 (UTC)
Check HMFan's message wall on Mario fandom wiki. I added link to an image dump -- I requested all the images uploaded to Mariopedia, which were not affected by the outage, and they provided it thankfully Bawitdaba (talk) 03:19, December 14, 2022 (UTC)
I saw that and it was really cool. Anyways, will Mariopedia likely be up by tomorrow? MontyMoleLoreMaster (talk) 05:21, December 14, 2022 (UTC)
That's a question for HMFan Bawitdaba (talk) 13:01, December 14, 2022 (UTC)